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Concrete boom pump  36m under

the full test load after "6 yearly" overhaul




Boom 28 m under the test load




Concrete boom pump 36m

under 25% overload




Concrete boom pump 28 m was tested and certified for "one side support"




Concrete boom pump 42 m

under the test load



Concrete Boom Pumps -

Inspection, Certification and Design Verification


Inspection and Certification

In accordance to current Work Cover and Work Safe regulations an inspection and certification of concrete boom pumps and concrete placing units with the boom are mandatory on yearly basis.

A preventative maintenance and inspection regime, established by Milop are efficient method to provide safe operation of the plant. It includes  pre-operational checks and tests, necessary repairs, routine inspections at specific time intervals depending of the boom age.

Milop engineers through their many years of experience in inspections, with high level design and structural analyses knowledge of concrete boom pumps have developed a strong skills for:

-  observing the signs that indicate that the structural component may have  faults,

- special control and test of the high stressed spots and zones on the boom, linkages outriggers,

- unusual or uneven wearing of components caused by indirect reasons,

- cracks and other discontinuities,

- on the spot crack testing,

- early detection of excessive wear.

On the basis of these and other inspections techniques and maintenance procedures, our engineers inspectors are confident about operational safety of the plant.

If an inspection is successful, the certification for continued operation will be issued.



Testing after major maintenance

Our professional engineers oversee the machine overhaul, checking all test reports (crack test, ultrasonic test), and make expert decisions about the conditions of the components and its repair or replacement.

Experience has shown that in many cases at an overhaul, unnecessary replacement of the costly components are done and it increases the cost of the overhaul without reason.

Also, repair of the structural components are done in an inadequate manner, without following manufacturer or engineers recommendations, so the damage is repaired, but at the same time it has created negative stress state making the elastic component partially inflexible, causing again bad spot and cracks appearance.


After complete overhaul, our engineers, calculate the test load in accordance with Australian Standards and testing the boom with 25% overload.

In this way, the machine's ability is tested to operate safely on the maximum loads.

After the testing the Six Yearly Certificate is issued.

Recent accidents have shown the importance of proper testing of the machine after overhaul. Most likely, if the complete and proper testing had been conducted, the accident may have been averted.


                                  Test load on the 36 m concrete boom pump


"One side support"


Very often the concrete boom pumps works in crowded city centres, or narrow roads where full opening of outriggers is restricted. As the concrete placing boom stability is very crucial parameter of the boom safe operation, partially opening of outriggers is delicate decision.

If machine operation is required with partially open outriggers Milop engineers will calculate necessary test load along the boom, then test the machine on stability in accordance to Australian Standard.

If testing of the machine is successful a certificate for operation for "one side support" will be issued with all necessary instructions and recommendations.



Concrete boom pump 45 m on the testing for "One side support" outriggers.


Design Verification of the concrete boom pumps

Under the new established Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 the all new designed and imported concrete boom pumps and concrete placing booms should be subjected to the design verification and compliance with Australian Standards.

Milop engineers are leading experts in Australia for performing the verification in accordance to the above Acts.



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