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Concrete boom pump  52 m



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Concrete Boom Pumps - Truck Mounted


With over 20 years of experience in this industry along with our continued professional development  has set us apart as a leading company in this world region for design, analysis modification and certification of this equipment. Dozens of truck mounted concrete booms,  from 17 m up to 52 m have been developed in our offices.

We have designed the biggest Australian manufactured concrete booms, firstly 42m, then 46 m and 52 m vertical reach.

Our concrete boom design includes 3D modelling, comprehensive analysis, kinematic, dynamic and  structural calculations. All boom components and structural parts of the machine are analysed using the classical method of stress analysis and the finite element analysis. As part of this analysis, the fatigue calculations are carried out that ensure improved design and definitely longer life for all structural components. The special analysis for linkage geometry are performed to obtain optimum lengths and configuration.


Installation of the concrete boom pump on the truck

We provides consulting, necessary calculations and certification for installation of concrete boom pumps on trucks. Analysis of the truck axle loads related to the machine position on truck chassis, overall assembly dimensions, required truck wheel base and final certification are services where Milop engineers are experts.


Concrete boom pump modifications

All sorts of modifications and mechanical stress analysis of structural components; boom arms, linkages, hydraulic cylinders, turret, outriggers, chassis are implemented to provide structural stability and increased load bearing capability.


Design Verification of the concrete boom pumps

Under the new established Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 the all new designed and imported concrete boom pumps and tower concrete placing booms should be subjected to the design verification and compliance with Australian Standards.

Milop engineers are leading experts in Australia for performing the verification in accordance to the above Acts.


Certification and Inspection

A preventative maintenance and inspection regime, established by Milop are efficient methods to provide safe operation of the plant. It includes  pre-operational checks and tests, routine inspections and necessary repair at specific time intervals depending of the boom age, its usage and   quality of maintenance.

Milop engineers have experience, developed skills and knowledge for quality assessment of safety of the structural parts of the machines. Our engineers are pioneers in establishing a procedure for for maintenance and inspections for concrete boom pumps and they are co-authors of the Log Books developed for Concrete Pumping Association of Australia.

For more information about inspections and certifications click here.


Stress Corrosion Cracking

Stress corrosion cracking is one of the main environmentally assisted failure modes encountered in mechanical and steel structural components. It typically occurs due to improper materials selection or heat treatment, design issues, or unpredicted environmental conditions. Also, the lack of consideration of residual stresses, thermal transient conditions and deficient maintenance.

This issue is especially expressed in concrete boom pumps whose water tank is located in the structural part of outriggers or /and main chassis. Usually, inside area is protected by special coats, but after certain time the coats lost its properties and function. If corrosion reduces the plate thickness more than 5 percent  than safety of the machine can be compromised.

Our engineers inspect and evaluate stress corrosion cracking and recommend repair and if necessary redesign to improve lifetime of components.


Testing after major maintenance

Our professional engineers oversee the machine overhaul, checking all test reports crack test, ultrasonic test, and make expert decisions about the conditions of the components and its method of repair if necessarily.

After complete overhaul,  we apply test load in accordance with Australian Standards and testing the concrete boom pump with 25% overload.

After successful testing the Six Yearly Certificate will be issued.


More about Certification after 6 yearly overhaul click here.

One side Support

Very often the concrete boom pumps works in crowded towns centres, or narrow roads where the full opening of outriggers is restricted. As the concrete placing boom stability is very crucial parameter of the boom safe operation partially opening of outriggers is delicate decision. If machine operation is required with partially open outriggers Milop engineers will firstly conducted stability analysis, then test the machine on stability in accordance to Australian Standard and issue a certificate for operation.


General arrangement of the 52m concrete boom on the truck




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