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Concrete Boom Pumps on Trucks

17 m

23 m

26 m

29 m

32 m

36 m

42 m

46 m

52 m





Truck Concrete Boom Pump  52-5RZ/48/125 m






 Partially opened outriggers on the opposite side

 of the boom operation




Designed for operation under the roof



All structural components have been calculated using the finite element analysis






Click to see the boom opening


The concrete boom pump 52m vertical reach, 5 stages, Z fold between 3rd and 4th arm, front swing round extendable legs.

Overall weight of the pump installed on DAF truck is under 41 ton.



Vertical / Horizontal reach;        52m/ 48m



Operational angle

Stage 1:

8.95  m

-30to 90o

Stage 2:

 7.80 m

0o to 180o

Stage 3:

 7.40 m

0o to 270o

Stage 4:

11.60 m


Stage 5:

  12.10 m

0o to 225o

End hose:           3.0 m

Boom Swing angle:        3650

Concrete pipeline:  125 mm

Outrigger Front, swing round, extended; spread  10.8 m

Outrigger Rear, swing round,                  spread 10.8 m



General arrangement 52m installed on Volvo truck































Designed to provide partially opened outriggers at one side boom operation




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