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Concrete Placing Boom and Crane (CBC)


This was a innovative project in the development and design of the concrete placing boom and the knuckle crane  installed on the single tower. The special hexagonal tower is designed to suit both options, free standing and self-climbing for the whole system.

The four stages concrete placing boom reaches 30 m horizontally. On the placing boom is installed 125 mm (5") concrete delivery pipeline. The boom has Z-folded connection between the second and the third stage and provides complete coverage of pumping in its reach.

On the opposite side of the concrete boom is the two stage-knuckled crane, maximum capacity 20 tonnes, 2.0 tonne on the tip of the crane with horizontal reach 25 metres. The winch is installed on the crane's first stage. The operating platform is designed to rotates with the turret and provide lifting a load just next to the tower. The power pack is located  on the turret platform.

The tower can rotate endlessly using designed the slip ring unit.


Milop engineer is a co-author of the patent for solutions in this project.

This coupled combination of the crane and concrete placing boom on a single tower enables the efficient use of the working deck on a multistorey building. The tower can be installed in the shaft or anywhere in slabs openings.



Concrete placing boom full opened can be depressed for more advantages




Concrete Boom and Crane, free

standing, installed in the building shaft


















Concrete placing boom and crane (CBC)  on the Expo



Load lifting from close to the tower




CAD Model - Crane in operation




CBC installed on the demo tower on the Expo




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