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Tower Crane - Analyses of the tower sections of FM Gru 2560 TCK

The tower of the FM Gru crane was analysed with the aim of replacing several sections of the tower.

The new sections have been designed, procedures for fabrication and quality control has  been  prescribed.

 Inspection, testing and certification of this part of the tower was completed  successfully.




















Tower Crane - Analysis and design of jib sections for FM_Gru_1350TLX  50 m Topless

The jib of the tower crane FM Gru TLX, topless 50 m, was analysed in order to replace several sections of the jib.

All calculations of the jib were conducted in accordance to AS 1418, AS1170 and other related standards.

 Additional analysis using  the finite element has been conducted. Procedures for production and quality control have been prescribed. Inspection, testing and certification of this part of the tower was completed successfully.









                                            Part of jib of the TLX 50 m topless crane

















                      Single jib section                                                 Detail of the two jib sections


Steel Support Frame for Concrete Placing Boom 28 m

Comprehensive engineering analysis was performed for the frame for the installation the tower concrete placing boom 28 m, on the high rise building in city centre on the 20th floor. The frame was designed by third company, fabricated and attached to the jump form, ready for the installation of the concrete boom pump and its operation.

Milop has been called to inspect and verify design. Our senior engineer inspected the frame and  expressed his suspicion about the capacity of this structural parts. We conducted analyses, using classical methods for frames analyses, and the finite element analysis. Both analyses showed that the support frame was well under-designed, and most likely it would collapse during the concrete boom operation.

 The frame was  scrapped and was not installed.




The support frame for 28 m concrete placing boom           The frame  stress state obtained using FEA



Platform for water treatment on LNG Plant

The verification of the design for the platform used for water treatment in the LNG plant.

The design was refined and it was verified in accordance to ASCE/SEI 7-05 (American Society

 of Civil Engineers)



The platform CAD model and applied load            The displacement of the platform frames.


Design verification for off road trailer

The Liner Transport Trailer is designed for the transport of 6 meters diameter, up to 45 tonnes weight,

concrete pipes used for the large diameter of the shaft for access ventilation and foundations  in mining industry.




Concrete Placing Boom Redesign - Milop engineers have redesigned many third parties concrete placing booms for improvement of its performances, to reduce loads and forces in components, particularly  in hydraulic cylinders and provide smooth operation. The improvement also were related to redesign of boom arms to provide bearing with double shear pins between boom arms.

Failures, cracks, distortions in structural components occur not only due overloading the boom, but also because of the omissions  caused by the manufacturers design or fabrications negligence.  The concrete placing boom designed and manufactured by the third party was redesigned to avoid excessive lateral buckling and rapidly wear pins and bushings.



Bad damage of the truck due to breakage of the linkage  


















Load analysis, design of the new stage,

 linkage, testing the boom




The linkage fracture

The fracture of the linkage on the concrete boom pump 41m was a case where it was supposed to prove  what was the cause of the accident - weather it was a boom overload, weak linkage, failure in manufacturing or something else.

 Milop engineers have made a extensive analysis of loads and the strength of the linkage using methods of strength of the materials and the finite element analysis.

After comprehensive analysis, study showed clearly that the fracture caused by the omissions in fabrication process. The study and analyses have been presented to the manufacturer. The manufacturer accepted the responsibility  for the accident.














Broken linkage                    Broken linkage boss           Geometry for analysis of maximum load (Z-folding)
















FEA stresses in the linkage.

The overstressed parts are shown in red colour.                                       CAD model of the linkage



Tower placing boom 17 m

Analysis and certification of the tower placing boom 17 m

























                                     Load boom testing


FOPS - Falling Object Protective Structure

Design of the protective structure for the earth moving machinery in accordance to AS 2294





Food industry - Analysis, redesign and certification of series of the waste water tanks made up from thin wall stainless steel sheets reinforced suitably.  




















Analysis, modification and certification of the grease trap tanks in food industry



Analysis and redesign of the thin wall sewerage tank 4.15x2.0x1.85m.

Tank is made from 3mm stainless steel



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