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Pressure vessels design

Chlorine gas and liquid containment system


Milop engineers have developed and designed pressure vessels used for encapsulating primary vessels that contains liquid chlorine. Chlorine is widely used in the water treatment industry and it is classified as a very harmful gas and liquid. Due to hazard from leakage or spillage in environment the water treatment industry has found that is imperative to provide the highest level of safety.

Encapsulated vessels are designed to withstand the maximum anticipated pressure of a release, and if the primary chlorine vessel fail, the system will continue to  supply  gas safely for processing.


Special supporting structures, such as a non pressure parts, are developed for convenient and secure handling, loading and unloading of the core vessels.


Design the vessels is based on the required code of calculation the metallic vessels in the most adverse conditions. The design and analysis is done in accordance to AS1210, Pressure vessels and other referenced and associated Australian standards and ASME, Boiler and Pressure  Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division1 and  Division2.

In addition, apart from the codes calculation and required conventional analysis procedures,  the design of this equipment is subjected to the additional, the finite element analysis, as a supplementary method for the design confirmation.






Loading the chlorine drum into encapsulating vessel              Chlorine cylinder in encapsulating vessel




Chlorine cylinder in the containment system



The vessel equipped with the quick closing flange




                      FEA - Drum vessel                                                           FEA - Cylinder vessel




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