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Modular steel formwork for concrete construction


An innovative, modular type of the steel formwork is developed for casting the brad range of concrete structures. The main features of the formwork are simple installation, easy to assemble panels, low level of operators skills, minimal usage of the tools, very long lifetime, practically only gets damaged incidentally, can be easily repaired.

 Panels are formed from steel plates where on the exterior side are added perforated profiles and they are connected by the special ties and pins, in the same time, these connecting components ensure their self alignment. The formwork is designed and reinforced to minimised the number of support props.

Today, it is used mainly for casting concrete huts, suitable for road transport, especially in chemical and other industries where should be no cold joints between the floor and walls. This formwork and established method provides a high level of safety against spillage of chemicals into the environment.

The concept of this formwork is patented, and Milop engineer are co-author of the patent.




The concept of the developed formwork                                          FEA - Stress analysis





Application of the formwork - minimal usage of bracing

Simple and versatile usage of the panels

Quick formwork installation

Formwork requires minimal tool usage

FEA  - Stress in the panel


FEA - Displacement under load



CAD model for the concrete hut formwork application

Formwork application -

The concrete hut casted upside-down


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